Zombie Outbreak

The Zombie Outbreak section is the place to start your Zombie apocalypse survival training. This section covers the basics of a zombie apocalypse survival. In this section we cover what to expect if a zombie apocalypse occurs and how to prepare for Zombie Apocalypse survival.  We will explain the 3 stages of zombie outbreaks that will occur before the zombie apocalypse. Zombie Apocalypse survival scenarios, based on your location will teach you how to prepare for the coming zombie apocalypse.  We also explain what to do in case you or a loved one gets bitten and how to decide who will be on your survival team.  Once you have completed this section, we recommend that you move on to Survival Basics to prepare yourself for the coming zombie apocalypse. Good Luck!

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Training

Zombie Apocalypse Survival

Zombie Outbreak: A Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse Survival

Start here.  The Zombie Outbreak: A guide to the Apocalypse is an overview of what to expect in a zombie survival situation and how to prepare yourself and your family for the best chance of survival when the dead walk again.


Zombie Outbreak - Zombie Apocalypse Survival Training
The Stages of Outbreaks

The Stages of Outbreak covers the 3 stages of Zombie Outbreak that will lead up to the Zombie Apocalypse; Minimal, Moderate and Extreme Outbreak.  Learn how to spot each stage, and what you should do if you spot the signs of an outbreak.  The key to Zombie Apocalypse Survival is knowing when an outbreak is occurring before things get to bad to get out of town.

Zombie Infection - Zombie Apocalypse Survival Training

In Case of Infection

It’s the worst case scenario, you or someone you care about has been bitten by a zombie.  What do you do?  What are  your options? Can you save them?  Read about what to do in case of infection, and be prepared to save your friends and family.  The key to survival in a Zombie Apocalypse is preparation and knowledge, learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from infection.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival - Suburban

Zombie Survival Situation 1: Suburban Outbreak

Do you live in the Suburbs?  If so this article is for you.  Learn what will happen if a zombie outbreak occurs in the suburbs and what you can do to prepare and get out alive. Learn how to prepare your suburban home for a bug in scenario, and how to best escape the suburbs in a zombie apocalypse survival scenario.


Zombie Apocalypse Survival - Urban City

Zombie Survival Situation 2: City Outbreak

If you live in the city then you will want to know about your chances for survival.  This article covers the most likely scenarios for a mass outbreak in a major metropolis.  Give yourself the best chance of survival by knowing what to expect, and how much time you will have to get out.  The city is a scary place to be in a Zombie Apocalypse survival situation, prepare yourself to bug in or bug out.


Zombie Apocalypse Survival - Rural

Zombie Survival Situation 3: Rural Outbreak

Rural living has it’s advantages, but if you think you are safe from the walking dead, think again.  Learn the pros and cons of a Rural location, and what you can do to prepare your homestead. Learn tips to help prepare your homestead for Zombie Apocalypse Survival.


Zombie Apocalypse Survival Training - Building a Team

Who will you bring along in a Zombie Outbreak?

Family, Friends, Neighbors?  Who will you save? How do you decide?  Learn how to choose a survival team that will give your family, friends and yourself the best chance of zombie apocalypse survival.



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