Zombie Weapons Assessment

The Zombie Weapons Assessment section was designed to inspect each weapon in it’s effectiveness against the living dead.

Each of the zombie weapons is rated based upon their value during a Zombie apocalypse scenario. Value is determined based upon their flexibility, their lethality, weight, and any other unique attributes the weapon may possesses. Each section is broken down into individual articles and analysis on each zombie weapon.

Zombie Weapons

Blunt Weapons – Are they effective Zombie Weapons?

Blunt weapons usefulness ratings are based on the weight of the weapon and the users ability to deliver a crushing blow towards a Zombies’ cranium. Although they may not be as good as other weapons, they are reliable and easy to obtain. Anything from a large log, to an aluminum baseball bat can act as a zombie weapon. They also serve dual purposes, the ability to dispatch of Zombies, and the ability to be a tool for building or destruction.

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Zombie Weapons - Blunt Weapons - zombie apocalypse weaponsAre Blunt Weapons effective against Zombies?
Blunt weapons, like shovels, baseball bats, 2×4’s, hammers and other heavy objects are readily available in most homes and yards, but do they make an effective weapon against zombies?  Find out if they make good zombie survival weapons and what else they are good for in a zombie apocalypse.

Edged Weapons – Are they effective Zombie Weapons?

Edged zombie weapons, just as blunt weapons, are more effective based on the weight of the blade when applying sweeping motions to a Zombie. It is crucial to aim for the weak spot of the skull. Edged zombie weapons include anything from knives to tomahawks and anything in between. They are ideal for both stabbing at weak points in the Zombie’s skull with enough force, as well as serving multiple purposes as a handy tool, and a deadly zombie weapon.

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zombie weapons - Tomahawks for zombie defense- zombie apocalypse weaponAre Tomahawks effective against Zombies?
A Tomahawk is an impressive and deadly looking weapon, but how does it stack up against a hungry brain munching zombie?  Read this article to find out if a tomahawk makes a good zombie killing weapon.

zombie weapons- knives- zombie apocalypse weaponAre Knives effective against Zombies?
Knives are fairly common and easy to come by but how effective are they against the walking dead?   Do knives make a good zombie survival weapon, or should they be for back up only?


Zombie Weapons - Machete - Zombie Apocalypse Weapon
Are Machetes effective against Zombies?
A machete is certainly a deadly and fear inducing weapon against other humans but how does it stack up against a ravenous undead monster?  Read about machetes here and find out how they stack up as a zombie defense weapon.

Zombie Weapons - Axe - Zombie Apocalypse WeaponAre Axes effective against Zombies?
Axes are fairly common in suburban and rural areas, so you have a good chance of finding one nearby in a pinch.  So how do they stack up against other melee weapons? Do you have what it takes to wield an axe to take out a brain seeking zombie? Can an Axe be an effective zombie weapon in a zombie apocalypse.


Ranged Weapons – Are they effective Zombie Weapons?

Ranged weapons are the ideal choice for a Zombie outbreak, due to the fact that you can dispatch a Zombie from a distance. This ranged weapons category includes long range weapons such as Crossbows, Long bows, and Compound bows. Zombie Weapons like these have an added bonus of being relatively silent, this allows for stealthy movement through infested zones; as well as being an ideal hunting choice without drawing unwanted attention from the walking dead.

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Zombie Weapons - Crossbow for Zombies - Zombie Apocalypse WeaponAre Crossbows effective against Zombies?
Learn the pros and cons of crossbows as a zombie weapon.
What’s The Best Zombie Crossbow?
Need help choosing the best crossbow for the zombie apocalypse.  This review tells you all you need to know to choose the best crossbow for zombies.
Zombie Weapons - Compound Bow for Zombies - Zombie Apocalypse WeaponAre Compound Bows effective against Zombies?
What is the difference between a crossbow and a compound bow.  What makes a Compound Bow an effective zombie killing weapon.
What’s The Best Zombie Compound Bow?
Which compound bow will serve you best in a zombie apocalypse?  Find out in this article about the best compound bow for a zombie outbreak.


Firearms – Are they effective Zombie Weapons?

Firearms are a great choice for a Zombie apocalypse due to their range. Their ability to drive off looters as well as anyone else with ill intention is another great asset. There are many different firearms to choose from, including lever action, bolt action, revolver, semi-automatic handgun, semi-automatic rifle, shotgun and others. Each firearm has it’s own personal perks whether it’s the amount of rounds that fit in a magazine, or the sheer power of the round fired out of it. Firearms have the added bonus of being able to defend camps or bug in locations from a far distance, as well as the capability to hunt.

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Zombie Weapons - Rifle - Zombie Apocalypse Weapon Are Semi-Automatic Rifles effective against Zombies?
In most Zombie survival scenarios the hero just happens to have a sweet semi automatic rifle to pick off zombies one by one.  But in a real life zombie outbreak, what are the chances that you will have one at your disposal?  And if you are lucky enough to have one, are they the best gun for a zombie apocalypse?
Zombie Weapons - Bolt Action Rifle - Zombie Apocalypse WeaponAre Bolt Action Rifles effective against Zombies?
The old reliable bolt action rifle has been around for hundreds of years and has been in use by countless military’s throughout the world.  This popular gun is excellent for hunting, but are they the best gun for a zombie apocalypse?

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